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I started this blog for no particular reason besides wanting to learn how to blog. (See learning below). Hopefully it will offer a working mom’s perspective on life, personal finance and organization topics. My immigrant upbringing defines many aspects of my life, so I thought the name firstgenamerican said it all. My friends love my crazy family stories, so I hope to wrap those into these articles along the way.

My mom grew up on a farm during WW2 in Poland with no electricity or running water.  She had at least 9 siblings that all lived in a 2 room log cabin. Her journey to America started when my uncle was rescued from a Nazi slave labor camp. He made his way to America after the war and brought my mom over when she was 36. (she’s now 77)

I live in the Berkshires, with my 2 boys and my scruffy, sarcastic and lovable husband.  We’re both engineers and our lives are full  of laughter, learning, and endless projects.  My favorite thing in the world is learning.  I’m always embarking on some new project, just so that I can learn how to do something different.

I hope these stories are uplifting, funny and bring hope and a sense of community into your life.

Contact me anytime at SandyL (at ) FirstGenAmerican (dot) com. I’ll do my best to answer as soon as I can.  For Guest posts and ads, a better email for me is FGAblog (at) Gmail (dot) com.

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