Dumpster Diving: Babci the Golfer?

by Sandy L on October 6, 2010

It’s exciting times on Babci’s Street.  You see, one of her neighbors is moving out of town and has made a gigantic “free” pile in front of their house.  To Babci, this is like Christmas.  To my husband and I, we cringe and hope she shows some restraint.  You see, Tuesday is garbage day and she regularly takes a walk down the street looking for jars or aluminum cans to recycle.

I really shouldn’t have been surprised when I went into her garage and found all kinds of new junk.   The most obvious and unusual sight was this ancient and rusty set of golf clubs.  My immediate thought was..why on earth does Babci think she needs a set of golf clubs?

Sandy: “Babci, what are you doing bringing all this junk here for? Don’t you remember how much money we spent on trash removal the last time you moved?”

Babci: “Don’t you dare touch those golf clubs.  They are going to make the world’s strongest tomato stakes. By the way, I also found these music cassettes for you as well. Don’t you like them? They were FREE!”

Sandy: “I don’t want them. I don’t even have a tape player anymore. Please don’t garbage pick on my behalf. I can pick through my own garbage, thank you very much.”

I have to admit, that once she told me the purpose of the clubs, I acknowledged her industriousness and creativity. However, I really wish she would’ve just stopped at the golf clubs..and not brought home the golf bag, cassette tapes and god knows what else I haven’t discovered yet.

One of my favorite shows is:  It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. This event totally reminded me of “The Gang Finds a Dumpster Baby” Episode.  A couple of the cast realize how much “good stuff” people are throwing away and take dumpster diving a little too far.

Watch the clip and let me know if you or someone you love has taken frugalism beyond what’s practical.

Confession Time. Sometimes I have a lapse in judgment and buy things at yard sales I don’t need because they’re so cheap. The last time this happened I came home with a bowling ball.  Now it’s an inside joke with my friends. They know exactly what I mean when I say “I had a Steering Wheel Moment”. You won’t get that comment unless you watch the clip.

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